La Velada del Año III goes one further to make history once more!
La Velada del Año III goes one further to make history once more!
Ibai breaks the internet in front of over 70,000 people at the Cívitas Metropolitano during a six-hour live show

Ibai Llanos caused quite a stir at the Cívitas Metropolitano! La Velada del Año III exceeded all expectations with a 6-hour live show in a stadium packed full with 70,000 spectators. In doing so, it once again did the impossible by becoming the event with the highest number of connected devices in Twitch’s history. The streamer broke his own all-time record in the first 60 minutes of the show.

While the fights were the main attraction, the red carpet was the best prelude to the action inside the ring. Multiple familiar faces turned up including Fede Valverde, Mario and Óscar Casas, Belen Esteban, Gerard Piqué, illojuan, DjMariiO and Borja Iglesias, to name just a few. The audience loved the musical performances. Quevedo, Ozuna, Maria Becerra, Lola Índigo, Rosario, Estopa, Eladio Carrión, Feid, Duki, among other huge names took to the stage at the Cívitas Metropolitano.

Inside the ring, the afternoon began with Abraham Mateo’s points win over Ampeter. The singer’s hand was lifted following three intense rounds and still managed to find the energy to perform ‘Señorita’ in celebration. In another extremely close fight between the two sides of the Atlantic, Spain and Mexico, Marina emerged as the winner in the battle between the Rivers.

In the third match-up between fighters, Luzu prevailed over friend and rival Fernanfloo in one of the most spectacular face-offs of the evening. Misho and Shelao, the first heavyweight bout in the history of the event, didn’t have the outcome either fighter deserved. Shelao claimed the victory with a technical KO as Misho only managed a few seconds in the ring due to a shoulder injury sustained while throwing a shot at his opponent. Then it was time for ‘La Elegida’ (The Chosen One), who removed her hood to reveal her identity: Samy Rivers came back for her second fight of the night, and this time she laid claim to the belt by defeating a tough Mayichi.

The sixth and final fight did not disappoint: Germán Garmendia and Coscu delivered an incredible spectacle, with powerful and accurate blows exchanged between the two competitors. Ultimately, the referee had to stop the clock and declare Coscu as the winner, earning him the honour of the championship belt.

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