Kings League InfoJobs and Queens League Oysho

The Kings League InfoJobs and the Queens League Oysho are two innovative sports competitions organised by Kosmos. Taking the beautiful game to a new dimension, the leagues introduce new rules to 7-a-side football that make for more entertaining match-ups. The participating teams are chaired by the world’s biggest Spanish-speaking streamers and content creators. The Cupra Arena, located on the Port of Barcelona, is the home to every game on Saturdays and Sundays, all of which can be followed online via the competition’s official channels and those of the sides’ presidents.

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Kings League

On average, the competition’s 11 matchdays, as well as the play-off games, were streamed live on more than half a million devices. Stars like RonaldinhoChicharito and Kun Agüero were a part of the league in its first split. The competition ended with a Final Four and a historic full house at the Camp Nou in front of 92,522 people.

In light of the success of the men’s competition, the Queens League Oysho was launched, which runs in parallel to the Kings League InfoJobs, and will follow the same rules and format as that of the men’s. Alongside the two competitions, the league hosts two shows a week. ‘Chup-chup Kings’ will take place before each matchday, delivering the week’s latest news. ‘After Kings’ will follow the games, analysing what went on over the course of the matchday.

Queens League

The Queens League Oysho is, without doubt, a huge boost for the visibility of women’s football. More than 230 players took part in the draft, in which 120 were chosen to be a part of the highly anticipated competition. Just the first few matchdays of the women’s league have already seen features from huge stars like Melanie Serrano, Willy Romero and Alicia Fuentes